About Us

As an car upholstery service with long industry experience, Kent Car Upholstery offer the full array of repair, restoration, and re-upholstery services for classic, antique, and new cars, boats and other vessels, and restaurants, bars, dance clubs, and other establishments.

car-upholstery-9Our team of interior decorators, designers, upholsterers, and other specialists has worked on hundreds of projects for large and small businesses, individual customers, and institutional clients. From furniture upholstery to professional car re-upholstery, we offer customized solutions for your needs. Whether you want to update your bar stools, sofa, or other furniture, we feature customized service for any budget and preferences. Our specialists offer design advice and will strip down your furniture and rebuild it, using traditional, modern, or exotic fabrics and materials. We work with leading fabric manufacturers and will help you to choose from different textures, designs, and styles.

Re-upholstery is our specialty. If you are looking for high quality, efficient, and professional service, Kent Car Upholstery is the name to remember. We offer the full range of design, sewing, and custom upholstery services for your home, commercial premises, or office space. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, including cafes, fine dining and family style restaurants, pubs, quick service and fast casual restaurants, and many others. We also serve franchises, chains, chef-owned restaurants, ethnic restaurants, and others, offering fast, efficient, and professional services.

We offer upholstery services for different models and makes, including family cars, city cars, and ultra-compact vehicles. Our specialists upholster different makes, including Mazda, Toyota, BMW, Kia, Jaguar, Hyundai, Ford, Fiat, Datsun, and many others. We also service sports cars, micro cars, off-roaders, convertibles, classic cars, and other vehicles. Whether you need re-upholstery services for your RV, camper, minivan, show car, or family car, we will help you to give new life to your vehicle.